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WMC / McDaniel College Student Newspapers

To search any of the newspapers, open the newspaper you wish to view. Click on the empty magnifying glass (third from left) at the bottom of the page to open a search box. Type in the word you are looking for in the box, click the magnifying glass next to the box at the top, and it will generate a list of each instance of that word in the newspaper. Click on each instance to navigate to that part of the newspaper.

Newspapers are listed chronologically according to the academic year they were published, beginning in 1924. Click on the newspaper for the academic year you would like to research.

All newspapers were digitized at 150 ppi and 8-bit grey, except for the years 1932-1935, which were digitized at 300 ppi and 8-bit grey. Any pages in color were digitized at 150 ppi and 24-bit color. Newspapers from 2012-present were digitized at 300 ppi and 24-bit color.

Newspapers through 2012 were digitized by Dani Allen, Class of 2013. Newspapers 2012-present were digitized by Andrea Briggs, Archivist.

Original hard copies of newspapers are available for research in the McDaniel College Archives.

Student Newspaper List