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BPO 100 - Best Practices in Online Teaching and Learning: Overview


As a part of BPO 100, you are asked to create library research guide. We created a subpage for BPO 100 within the Graduate Seminar in Curriculum and Instruction page under which we will facilitate creating a basic tabbed page for you. However, we will not be responsible for the content of the page.

The "parent" page for this tab, Graduate Seminar in Curriculum and Instruction, illustrates what a parent page looks like -- citation help, search tips, databases particularly relevant to the subject area's topic, etc. Individual class pages are more focused on the subject matter. The CUR 505 page is an example of a basic course page. (See the tab on the left.) Articles, books, and websites are popular options for inclusion on a course page. Your page for BPO 100 will be a tab that we will move once the class is offered. The remainder of this page is a sort of template/example you can use for this class.

Once you identify content for your tab, e-mail your librarian with as much detail about the sources as possible and they will create the tab for you. Please give them 2-3 days to develop the tab as this does take time.


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