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SIS 2038: Monsters Medieval Style: Home

Monster Research Paper Assignment

Due: March 28 (in class or on BB by class time)

Trace the history of a type of monster/creature of your choice (e.g., werewolf, dragon, mermaid, etc.) and, by drawing on several materials as outlined below, discuss what you see as the monster’s cultural meaning or significance. When, where, and how does the monster appear? What does it seem to represent? Where does it come from (e.g., historical origins such as classical influences), and/or how does it influence later depictions? What are some key associations?

You should think of this paper more as an exploratory project than a thesis-based essay. Rather than proving one thesis about your monster, you are exploring origins, resonances, and potential meanings. This is an opportunity to pursue a figure that intrigues you.

Your exploration should include:

  • 1-3 cases where your monster appears in medieval literature

  • Review of research on that monster in scholarly sources

  • Incorporation of at least 4 scholarly sources, at least 1 of which must be from the field of literary studies

  • Discussion of at least 1 other type of cultural product beyond medieval literature where your monster appears (e.g., a modern film, art from any era, work of non-medieval literature)

Complete Assignment Details

Format Requirements

Final essays must:

  • Be 6-8 pages in length
    • Typed, double spaced, and in a standard font such 12-pt Times New Roman
    • Do not use Courier New
  • Properly document all sources using a recognized system of scholarly citation both in text and with a Works Cited or Bibliography
    • MLA, Chicago, or APA Style
  • Include the McDaniel Honor Code
    • “I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this piece of work, nor have I knowingly tolerated any violation of the Honor Code.”


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