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SIS 2038: Monsters Medieval Style: Research Worksheet

Research Worksheet

Keeping Track of Your Library Research


Step One: What is my research topic?

TOPIC (what is your monster?):


Step Two: What search terms can I use?

TERMS (including synonyms):














Step Three: What kind of resources do I need?

RESOURCES (books, films, music, journal articles, biographical information, reviews, scholarly or popular, current news, legal information, websites, etc.):

  • 1-3 cases where your monster appears in medieval literature

  • Review of research on that monster in scholarly sources

  • Incorporation of at least 4 scholarly sources, at least 1 of which must be from the field of literary studies

  • Discussion of at least 1 other type of cultural product beyond medieval literature where your monster appears (e.g., a modern film, art from any era, work of non-medieval literature)

Step Four: Which citation style guide do I need to use (APA, MLA, etc.)?

CITATIONS: Check your assignment or syllabus or ask your professor!

For this assignment, Chicago, MLA, or APA Styles are accepted.

Step Five: Search for resources and keep track of where you’ve searched and what you’ve found.


Book citation:

  • Research tool used:
  • Search used:
  • Why this book is useful:
  • Do you have it?  (checked out, photocopied, notes/citations, interlibrary loan requested)


Article citation:

  • Database used:
  • Search used:
  • Why this article is useful:
  • Do you have it?  (full-text printed or photocopied, notes/citations, interlibrary loan requested)


Website URL: 

  • Search engine used:
  • Search used:
  • Why this website is useful: