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Library Hours

McDaniel ID required for access during library hours.

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COVID-19 Library Access

To see the library's current plan for Fall 2020, please see our page Return to Hoover.

Please note that all updates and changes to the library plan will be tracked on the Return to Hoover page. For the overarching plan for McDaniel College, please visit Fall 2020: Return to the Hill

Faculty: Please see our page on Teaching in the time of COVID-19

Students: please see our page on Learning in the time of COVID-19

Teaching in the Time of COVID19: Accessible Resources

Checking Out and Returning Books

Full-time faculty members can check books out for up to 1 year at a time, and adjunct faculty can check out books for up to 3 months at a time. A McDaniel College ID card is required to check books and other materials out from the library. Faculty can renew books online or in person. Materials can be returned through our exterior book drop any time the library is closed.

Students were encouraged to return their physical items when they move off campus.

We waived student late fees until the beginning of the fall semester, at which point students will need to return any materials they have checked out. Students who wish to renew their borrowed items may contact Peggy Klinge at

InterLibrary Loan Options

While the college is focusing on online classes, the library will not be accepting requests for physical items that would need to be processed through the library, but is still open for requests of digital resources. Students are encouraged to return physical materials when they move off campus, or they may mail them to the library by the end of the semester. 

For any questions, please contact Lisa Russell at

Off-Campus Access for E-Resources

Off-campus access to the library’s online resources - including databases, journals, and ebooks - is available to McDaniel College students, faculty, and staff only. Click on the off-campus access link to access the Library’s E-resources. There have been questions related to using personal streaming subscriptions such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hulu for instruction. These companies do not provide any sort of institutional access subscription, so there is no way for us to make those services available.

Many publishers and vendors have expanded access to their materials during the crisis. We have a file here: that shows the vendors/publishers we have been working with currently and the status of our setup to access them.  This list will be maintained throughout the crisis. Resources highlighted in green are currently enabled. Access to these resources will work as follows:

  • New databases will appear as “Trial” on the library databases list, with the expiration date listed. We will tag these with major subject headings, so they should show up on your Blackboard lists.
  • Expansion of content in existing databases will be noted in the description, with the expiration date listed
  • New journals will appear on the journals list as they are enabled, with the expiration date listed and full-text will link through via the usual pathways from databases that index them. 

Note for all of these that the expiration dates may change, and we’ll try to keep up with that –depends on the vendor.


Please coordinate with the library if you are seeking to provide temporary access to a database - we need to set up the links so that they work properly off-campus.

Important note about links: 

Only use links on the library databases list or catalog to get into things off campus. If you are on campus, a straight link to a database like Drama Online (i.e. if you just typed in "") would work, since you would be internal, and the vendor recognizes our IP.

When you are off campus a site thinks you are not part of McDaniel. When you use the library-supplied link, it passes through the library proxy and translates your address to one of ours, and voila, you are recognized.

This is the same for *every* library resource. It is better to just *never* use any links but those supplied by the library , which will work properly anywhere.



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