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The Nora Roberts American Romance Collection, established in 2011 and housed in Hoover Library at McDaniel College, is comprised of novels written by important romance writers of the late 20th and early 21st centuries. The mission of the collection is to provide a permanent place for these works, making them available to scholars by visiting the collection and through Interlibrary Loan, which even in the case of the most successful romance author often disappear from public collections as the constant acquisition of new titles requires removing older works from the shelves.

Generous gifts from the Nora Roberts Foundation established the collection and provided an endowment to fund the future acquisition of titles. Acquisition is ongoing, and new titles are added annually to the collection.

The collection contains the complete works of Nora Roberts / J. D. Robb, RITA Award winning titles of American Romance, and selected works of other American Romance authors recommended by expert and scholar Dr. Pamela Regis.

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