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Digital Collections: Books

Digitized Books


The Archives is in the process of digitizing books which may be helpful to researchers. As books are processed and digitized, they will be added to the Archives website and the Archives Catalog.

To search any of the books, open the book you wish to view. Press CTRL+F on the keyboard at the same time to open a search box. Type in the word you are looking for in the box, and it will navigate to each instance of that word in the book.

Lightner, Dr. James – "Fearless and Bold," expanded index

Although the entire work is not available online, the expanded index for Dr. James Lightner's Fearless and Bold may aid researchers in discovering topics for further study.

McDaniel, William R. – "Directory of the Graduates and Former Students of Western Maryland College, 1867-1911"

Prepared by William Roberts McDaniel, the Directory... 1867-1911 may aid researchers in discovering former alumi of the College. This book is best used in conjunction with the Undergraduate Catalogs.

Schofield, Samuel Biggs – "The Formative Years"

Dr. Samuel Biggs Schofield was a chemistry professor at Western Maryland College from 1921-1965. After his retirement, he became the College's first archivist and began researching and writing the The Formative Years, the first history of the College. His manuscript collection, housed in the Archives, contains notes for writing this book, as well as short essays on different aspects of the College's history.