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Collection Areas: Collecting Projects

About Collecting Projects

McDaniel College Archives values contributions from the community to help document the institution's past and present. The projects below highlight on-going collecting priorities for the Archives. Click on each heading to learn how you can contribute. 

Archiving Student Life

Student organizations and activities form an integral part of campus life, but are often underrepresented in the college's histories and archives. To elevate the voices and experiences of students, McDaniel College Archives aims to enable and support the long-term preservation of student organizations' records.  

Postcards to the Future

McDaniel College Archives wants to hear from you! Submit a postcard telling us about your time on The Hill. Don't know what to write? Consider sharing a story, your favorite memory, advice you would give to future Green Terrors, or what you're most excited for during the coming year. Not much for words? Draw us a picture instead! All postcards will be collected and preserved by the College Archives for future Green Terrors.  

Chronicling COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every aspect of life on The Hill. McDaniel College Archives wants to document this unprecedented moment in the College's History and we want to hear from you. If you are a student, staff member, faculty, or alumni, please consider taking the time to reflect on and record your experiences during the pandemic.