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McDaniel College Archives: Visiting the Archives

Plan a Trip to the Archives

Planning a trip to the Archives? Not sure where to start? This guide will walk you through every step needed to organize a trip to McDaniel College Archives. 

For tips on conducting research at an archive, visit our Research Services page. 

Step 1: Review Collections Before You Visit

Maximize your time in the Archives by starting your research at home with these tools: 

Step 2: Contact the Archivist 

McDaniel College Archives is by appointment only so make sure to schedule a visit before coming to the Library. 

  • Know what you want to see? Include that in your message!
  • Don't know what you need? Ask! Be sure to give as much detail about your question as possible 

Contact the Archivist

Step 3: Plan For Travel and Parking 

Give yourself a smooth trip to Hoover Library by visiting our Travel and Parking page

Step 4: Review Guidelines for Research 

  • Reading Room Policies: Learn how to handle archival materials and what McDaniel College's policies are on copies and reproductions 
  • Access Policies: Know what materials are restricted and how to request access to them

Step 5: Know What (and What Not) to Bring 

Do Bring: Laptops, Pencils, NotepaperDon't Bring: Pens, Highlighters, Sticky Notes

Please Note: While you may bring food and drink with you, they are not allowed within the Archives or Reading Room. Please contact the Archivist to make arrangements for storing food and drink while you are in the Archives. 

Step 6: Add Extra Time to Your Visit 

You never know what discoveries you may make in the archives. Give yourself plenty of time to follow new leads!