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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Limited Access

Beginning Monday, March 23, McDaniel College Archives will be CLOSED until further notice. For help with reference inquiries, please contact the College Archivist (via Email or Research Request Form). For more information, see the McDaniel College COVID-19 Information Page.

Collection Areas: College Records

McDaniel College Records

About the College Records (RG)

Most of the College Records are restricted. Please contact the Archivist for information on any restrictions placed on the records.

Access to the following records is not restricted:

  • RG341: Commencement Programs
  • RG395: Undergraduate Catalog
  • RG396: Graduate Catalog
  • RG711: Student Publications (Yearbooks, Newspapers, Literary Magazines, etc.)
  • Any published materials

The College records in the Archives are listed in Record Groups as follows. If you click on a linked Record Group, link will take you to either the Finding Aid or the Catalog Record.

RG 1: Board of Trustees

Series 1: Board of Trustee Minutes

Series 2: Executive Committee Minutes

Series 3: Academic Affairs Committee

Series 4: Budget and Finance Committee

Series 5: Buildings and Grounds Committee

Series 6: Human Resources Committee

Series 7: Institutional Advancement Committee

Series 8: Long Range Planning Committee (LRP)

Series 9: Committee on Trusteeship

Series 10: Student Affairs Committee

Series 11: Ad Hoc Committees

Series 12: WMC Corporation

Series 13: General Correspondence

Series 14: Honorary Degrees

Series 15: Board of Trustee Awards

Series 16: Audit Committee

Series 17: Enrollment Management and Marketing Committee

Series 18: Executive Compensation Committee

RG2: Office of the President

Series 1: James Thomas Ward

Series 2: Thomas Hamilton Lewis

Series 3: Albert Norman Ward

Series 4: Fred Garrigus Holloway

Series 5: Lowell Skinner Ensor

Series 6: Ralph Candler John

Series 7: Robert Hunter Chambers III

Series 8: Joan Develin Coley

Series 9: Roger Casey

RG3: Provost & Dean of the Faculty

Series 1: Office of the Provost

Sub-Series 1: Faculty Records

Sub-Set 1: Faculty Handbooks

Sub-Series 2: Minutes of the Faculty (Catalog)
Minutes of the Faculty after October, 2003 may be found on the McDaniel Portal.
You must be able to log into the McDaniel Portal.

Sub-Set: 1: Faculty Committees

Sub-Series 3: Center for Faculty Excellence

Series 2: Dean of Graduate & Professional Studies

Series 3: Associate Dean of Student Academic Life

Sub-Series 1: Assistant Dean of First Year Students

Sub-Series 2: Director of Student Academic Support

Series 4: Associate Dean of Academic Affairs

Sub-Series 1: Commencements
Includes Spring Awards, Senior Investiture, and Convocation

Series 5: Department Chairs

Sub-Series 1: Art & Art History

Sub-Series 2: Biology

Sub-Series 3: Chemistry

Sub-Series 4: Communication

Sub-Series 5: Economics & Business

Sub-Series 6: Education

Sub-Set Series 1: Deaf Education Program

Sub-Series 7: English

Sub-Series 8: Environmental Policy & Science

Sub-Series 9: Exercise Science & Physical Education

Sub-Series 10: Foreign Languages

Sub-Series 11: History

Sub-Series 12: Math & Computer Science

Sub-Series 13: Music

Sub-Series 14: Philosophy & Religious Studies

Sub-Series 15: Physics

Sub-Series 16: Political Science & International Studies

Sub-Series 17: Psychology

Sub-Series 18: Social Work

Sub-Series 19: Sociology

Sub-Series 20: Theatre Arts

Sub-Series 21: Military Science

Series 6: Director of Diversity & Multicultural Affairs

Series 7: Hoover Library

Sub-Series 1: Archive records

Series 8: Chief Information Officer

Sub-Series 1. Director of Instructional Technology

Series 9: Office of the Registrar

Sub-Series 1: Transcripts and Student Academic Records

Sub-Series 2: Graduate Affairs Committee

Sub-Series 3: Curriculum Committee (Undergraduate)

Sub-Series 4: Registration

Sub-Series 5: Undergraduate Catalog

Sub-Series 6: Graduate Catalog

Sub-Series 7: Associate Registrar for Institutional Research

Series 10: Director of Theater on the Hill

Series 11: Dean of McDaniel College Budapest

RG4: Vice President of Administration & Finance

Series 1: Director of Financial Services / Treasurer

Series 2:  Director of Financial Planning & Budget / Assistant Treasurer

Series 3: Director of Conference & Auxiliary Services

Series 4: Director of Human Resources and Risk Management

Series 5: Director of Facility Planning & Capital Projects

Series 6: Director of Physical Plant

Sub-Series 1: Director of Grounds and Special Events

Sub-Series 2: Director of Building Operations & Management

Sub-Series 3: Director of Custodial Services

RG5: Director of Athletics

Series 1: Sports Information Director

RG6: Vice President Institutional Advancement

Series 1: Associate V. P. of Development

Sub-Series 1: Director of Major Gifts

Sub-Series 2: Director of Donor Relations & Special Events

Sub-Series 3: Director of Gift Planning

Sub-Series 4: Director of Corporate & Foundation Relations

Sub-Series 5: Director of Adv. Services

Series 2: Director of Special Projects

Series 3: Associate VP for Communications & Marketing

Sub-Series 1: Director of Communication

Sub-Series 2: Associate Director of Media

Sub-Series 3: Web Manager

Series 4: Associate VP of Alumni Relations & Annual Giving

RG7: Vice President & Dean of Student Affairs

Series 1: Associate Dean of Student Affairs

Series 2: Director of Campus Safety

Series 3: Director of Student Engagement (2010, formerly College Activities)

Sub-Series 1: Student Publications (yearbooks, newspapers, magazines)

Sub-Set Series 1: Class Annals and Yearbooks

Sub-Set Series 2: Student Newspapers

Sub-Set Series 3: Student Magazines (Contrast)

Sub-series 2: Student Activities
SGA, Greek Life, Student Organizations, and Co-Curricular Programs

Sub-Set Series 1: Phi Beta Kappa

Series 4: Director of Career Services

Series 5: Assistant Dean of Students & Director of Wellness Center

Sub-Series 1: Counselors

Sub-Series 2: Consulting Physician

Sub-Series 3: College Nurse

Series 6: Director of International & Off-Campus

Series 7: Director of Residence Life

RG8: Vice President of Enrollment Management & Dean of Admissions

Series 1: Director of Admissions

Series 2: Director of Financial Aid