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*Military Science (ROTC): Political Science

Political Science Research Guide

This research guide is intended to support students in the Political Science program and those who are taking courses in Political Science.
The library also maintains guides and web pages on a number of basic topics: library research, writing, and citing. Click the Help tab to go to these general resources. If you need additional help using library resources, stop by the Research Desk in the library or make an appointment with me using the "Schedule an appointment" button below my picture.

Interpreting Polling Results

Polling is used in a variety of disciplines, and perhaps most heavily in politics. Therefore it is very important to know how to interpret polling results and how a poll is conducted. The National Council on Public Polls has a guide that is "designed to help working journalists do a thorough, professional job covering polls. It is not a primer on how to conduct a public opinion survey." This guide is also very useful for students in interpreting polling results as presented in news articles: 20 Questions A Journalist Should Ask About Poll Results

Pro/Con Resources

Use these resources to find analytical articles and reports written by experts on pro/con issues of the day. These reports often provide links to news, analysis, commentary, and primary source materials that put the facts in context. 

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