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An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence in Education: Introduction

An introduction to AI Programs like ChatGPT, sourced from Harrisburg Area Community College Learning Commons & Library.

A Brief Introductory Statement

Generative AI is a type of artificial intelligence technology that can produce various types of content, including text, imagery, audio, and synthetic data. In higher education, generative AI has been explored for various use cases, such as writing essays, creating lesson plans, producing images, and creating personalized assignments for students. However, early implementations of generative AI have limitations, and there are concerns about the quality and credibility of the generated content. Educators are grappling with how to handle AI in their classrooms, and some have developed AI survival toolkits to guide faculty on how to talk to students about it. Despite the challenges, generative AI holds promise to elevate instructional choices, educational experiences, and student learning.*

*Developed using PerplexityAI. (2023). Perplexity [Large language model]. using the inquiry "summarize in a paragraph the present state of generative ai in higher ed in a kind tone"



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