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Improving Student Research: Introduction

Improving Student Research

Welcome to the Hoover Library guide to improving student research! The purpose of this website is to connect McDaniel College faculty with suggestions for how to improve student research based on data from recent qualitative and quantitative studies documenting how today's undergraduates actually conceptualize and approach research tasks. Some of the content on this site borrows extensively from one created by librarians at Temple University. We are extremely grateful to them for letting us reuse their materials! If you have any questions, please contact your liaison librarian.

Additional instruction resources are available to faculty from the Hoover Library's Instruction Resources page.

Status Update: Students' Research Skills in College

A presentation entitled "Status Update: Students' Research Skills in College" was given on March 10, 2015, as a CFE event for McDaniel College faculty. A tab to the left includes the PowerPoint for this presentation and a bibliography of sources used and related articles.

Just Google It: How Prepared Are First Year Students for College-Level Research? CFE Event

This presentation was given as a CFE event for McDaniel College Faculty on March 20, 2015. The title of this presentation is "Just Google It: How Prepared Are First Year Students for College-Level Research?" Click on the corresponding tab to the left for the PowerPoint and bibliography of studies used in the presentation and related studies of interest.

"What Our Students Don't Know" CFE Event

Portions of the information on this website were presented to McDaniel College faculty at an event held in the Center for Faculty Excellence on Tuesday, April 24 called "What Our Students Don't Know."

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