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Citation Guides: Citation Management Tools

Why Manage Citations?

When working on extensive research projects, you will need to collect, organize and properly format all your citations. There are a wide variety of tools available to help you manage your citations and assist in formatting. Remember that you still must verify that your citations are properly formatted before submitting your work.

Quick Citation Generators

Just need a few citations converted to APA, MLA or Chicago format? Try these tools

Citation Managers

There are dozens of apps that will help you manage your citations. The most popular ones provide the same basic features and functionality with a few exceptions. Use this chart ( to narrow down your choices, particularly if you have specific operating system, browser or office software integration preferences. Talk to people in your department; some disciplines tend to use one tool more than others.

These are the most commonly used reference managers:

Note that some of the instructions given in those guides are specific to the school; if you have questions about how to use citation managers at McDaniel, contact the library:

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