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Google Scholar: Searching with Google Scholar

Phrase Searching

By default, Google Scholar searches for all of your search terms. This is the equivalent of combining each term with AND in our other databases. If you wish to search for phrases (two or more words in a specific order) you need to enclose the phrase in quotation marks.

Example: searching for information on the effect of sleep deprivation on academic achievement of college students

  1. Enter the entire statement: Google Scholar will ignore short connector words (of, on, the, etc.) and search for all of the other words.
  2. Enter select keywords (sleep deprivation academic achievement college students): Google Scholar will search for all of the entered words.
  3. Enter keywords as phrases ("sleep deprivation" "academic achievement" "college students"):  Google Scholar will search for all of the phrases.

Phrase searching usually provides fewer, but more precise, results.

Advanced Searching

For more advanced search options, open the Google Scholar options (hamburger) menu...

...and then click on "Advanced Search"



Advanced search allows you to:

  • search for all of the words (AND)
  • search for the exact phrase (quotations marks)
  • search for at least one of the words (OR)
  • exclude words from the search (NOT)
  • search by author
  • search by publication
  • search by date


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