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*History: Getting Started

The history of humankind is vast and thrilling. The drama contained within the real-life stories can rival those of fiction. With imagination, scholarship and good resources the world of the past can come alive in very meaningful ways!

How to Use Research Guides

Navigating Research Guides

Library research guides are your one-stop shop for getting started in academic research. Each guide is organized by academic discipline and include both library resources (such as databases and books) as well as other highly credible web resources. Follow this link to find other research guides outside of history. 

The History research guide is broken down by region with additional pages for global history topics and highly used sources. There are typically three sections for each page: background information, primary sources, and books and articles.

Background information includes tertiary sources such as recommended encyclopedias, dictionaries, chronologies, and bibliographies. These materials are typically used to gain an overview on a broad topic (such as the Crusades or post-war Japan). They can be helpful in introducing an unfamiliar topic, developing your research area, and finding lists of recommended sources.

Primary sources include both library databases and credible digital archival collections. Explore these sources to find primary sources (such as letters, diaries, maps, films, etc.) for your research. 

Books and articles highlight recommendations for building out your secondary source research. Each page typically includes relevant library databases, links for finding books in the library, recommended journals for each area, and other useful web resources. 

Library Databases-History

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