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An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence in Education: Responding to Student Usage

Responding to Student Usage

Found below is the guideline crafted by the McDaniel AAUP during Summer 2023: 


Generative AI has already made its way into all levels of education, so a policy that calls for an absolute prohibition might not be practical or enforceable. In addition, this is a tool that some of our students might be required to use in the job market. While some of us might be comfortable integrating generative AI into some of our assignments and lessons, others might be more hesitant, but whatever you decide you will need a clearly articulated policy because students are already using generative AI in a variety of ways, and it can detract from their learning and skill development. Plus, they deserve to know what is and is not allowable in our classes.


Since there is not a college-wide model, be sure that you are up front about your policies and expectations regarding generative AI. Each class will be different, and a syllabus statement alone will not be enough. Engage your students in a conversation about your policy and how you came to it. If you are open to the idea, develop a class policy with your students during the first class meeting. Whatever you choose, being transparent will help to enforce your policy.


Currently, AI policy is in the hands of instructors, and this can present problems for students knowing what they can and cannot do from class to class. Having a specific policy across your department can help students abide by that policy. Consistency at the department level is emerging as a best practice in higher education.


AI is a resource, and like any other resource it needs to be acknowledged when it is used to complete an assignment. There are, broadly speaking, two ways to do this. One is with an acknowledgement statement that can be attached to any assignment. The other is through discipline appropriate citation. Feel free to adopt and adapt what you see below to your courses, and we encourage departments to discuss an approach that can be used in all of their offerings.

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