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Collection Areas: Ridington Lecture Collection

William R. & Edith F. Ridington

The Ridington family contributed to the Western Maryland community in a number of ways during their nearly 60 years of combined teaching on the Hill.

William Robbins Ridington and Edith Farr Ridington

William Robbins Ridington

After graduating from Mercersburg Academy in 1926, Bill earned degrees in Classics and Greek from Princeton (A.B. and A.M.) and the University of Pennsylvania (Ph.D.). He joined the Western Maryland (now McDaniel) faculty in 1938 and retired in 1973. During this distinguished career, he held membership in ten professional associations, often serving as an officer. He also made contributions to his field in such journals as Classical Weekly and Classical World, and was widely recognized as an authority on the origins of ancient Greek athletics and games.

Edith Farr Ridington

Edie graduated with "Honors in Course" from Mount Holyoke in 1933 with a major in Greek and a minor in archaeology. She earned her Phi Beta Kappa key in her junior year. In 1934, she was granted an A.M. in Greek from the University of Pennsylvania and completed two additional years of study in the classics. In 1957, Edie began her 20-year career as an adjunct instructor with the classics and English departments, a position she also held at Hood in the mid-seventies. She was named Senior Lecturer in Classics Emerita by Western Maryland (now McDaniel) in 1988. Edie played a major role in establishing a Phi Beta Kappa chapter on the Hill and became a charter member when the chapter was established in 1980. The Edith Farr Ridington Phi Beta Kappa Writing Award, given annually to a graduating senior who writes the best original research paper, was established in her honor in 1991.

Ridington Lecture Collection

The annual Ridington lecture honors two long-time teachers at McDaniel, William Robbins Ridington and Edith Farr Ridington. After the Ridingtons’ deaths, their family endowed this annual lectureship, which began in 1991. Below is a list of past Ridington speakers. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, no lectures were held in 2020, 2021, or 2022.

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2023 - Psyche Williams-Forson, Ph.D., "Food, Food Everywhere - From Vexed Conversations to Food Shaming."

2020 -2022 - no speaker

2019 Julie Dobrow, Ph.D., “Sorting through the Clutter: The Intensively Collected Lives of Mabel Loomis Todd and Millicent Todd Bingham"

2018 D. Watkins, “Beyond the Internet: Why Quantifiable Goals Trump Hashtags”

2017 Bruce Friedrich, “Seeds of Disruption: How Markets and Food Technology Will Save the World"

2016 Yoram Bauman, Ph.D., “Comedy, Economics, and Climate Change”

2015 Sheldon Danziger, Ph.D., “Legacies of the War on Poverty: Implications for the Future of Antipoverty Policies”

2014 Dr. Harvey Markowitz, “Lakota Sioux Winter Counts: Visual Arts, Performance, and History”

2013 Muqtedar Khan, Ph.D., “Islam and Contemporary Challenges”

2012 Dr. Jeffrey Quilter, “In Small Things Remembered: The Archeology of the Spanish-Indigenous Encounter in Peru”

2011 Dr. Jean Baker, “Writing Lives: Biography as History”

2010 Maria Mouratidis, Psy.D, “Invisible Wounds of War”

2009 no speaker

2008 (fall) Dr. Lila Abu-Lughod, “On the Politics of Representing Middle-Eastern Women: An Anthropologist Speaks”

2008 (spring) Lonnie G. Thompson, “Understanding Climate Change”

2007 Michael Nylan, “Beliefs about Seeing: Optics and Theories about Misperception in Early China”

2006 Davíd Carrasco, “Labyrinth, City, and Eagle’s Nest: Ritual Ordeals in a Mexican Codex”

2005 no speaker

2004 Judith E. Tucker, “Finding the Feminist Voice: Islamic Law and the Feminine in Theory and Practice”

2003 Dr. Amal Amireh, “Contemporary Arab Women Writers in a Global Context: Achievements and Challenges”

2002 no speaker

2001 Dr. Ruth Mazo Karras, “Sexual Identity in Medieval Europe”

2000 no speaker

1999 Candace Ridington, “Rubicon: Emily Dickinson’s Brother in Love”

1998 Shawn R. Lyons, “Confronting the Sublime: Hiking with Edmund Burke in the Mountains of Alaska”

1997 Mary Beth Norton, “Sex, Religion, and Society in Early Maryland”

1996 James C. Wright, “Ritual Drinking and Feasting in Prehistoric and Historic Greece”

1995 Reg Murphy, “As the World Shrinks… In Human Geography”

1994 Madison Smartt Bell, “Apocalypse When?”

1993 Taylor Branch, “King and Malcolm X: The Misuse of Legend”

1992 Theo Lippman, Jr., “Presidential Elections: The Fine Art of Predictions”

1991 Robin Ridington, “Freedom and Authority: Teachings of the Hunters”