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Collection Areas: McDaniel College Hoover Library Student Art Collection

McDaniel College Hoover Library Student Art Collection

McDaniel College Hoover Library Student Art Collection

The Student Art Collection was initiated in 2011 by Hoover Library Director Jessame Ferguson. Each year, the Library purchases one piece of artwork by a McDaniel College senior Art major to be displayed in the Library.

The Collection not only beautifies the Library, but celebrates the academic and artistic endeavors of the College's students, reflecting diverse artistic disciplines and points of view. It also provides an opportunity to inspire and educate Library patrons through a unique cultural experience.

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Student Art Gallery

Class of 2008 - MELINDA V. HIRT

Autobiography, 2007
acrylic paint on canvas

Location: 1st Floor Commons

Melinda V. Hirt, Autobiography

Class of 2009 - EMILY BIONDO

And Now We May Conclude, 2008
graphite on Rives BFK

Location: 1st Floor Commons

Emily Biondo, And Now We May Conclude

Class of 2011 - KRISTEN BEHRLE

Want vs. Need (series), 2011
silk screen on paper, four 8" x 8" sections

Location: 1st Floor Commons

Kristen Behrle, Want vs. Need (series)

Class of 2012 - JESSICA OROS

Comfort Quilt, 2012
paper sewn together

Location: 1st Floor Commons

Jessica Oros, Comfort Quilt

Class of 2013 - KIRA YOUNG

Control Implies Discipline, 2013
ink, acrylic, and graphite on paper

Location: 1st Floor Commons

Kira Young, Control Implies Discipline


Pamilya Diptych, 2014
watercolor on paper, two 23.25" x 33.25" framed sections

Location: 2nd Floor

Julia Celebrado-Royer, Pamilya Diptych

Class of 2015 - STEPHANIE PEREZ

The Parables, 2015
India ink on Bristol board

Location: 2nd Floor

Stephanie Perez, The Parables

Class of 2016 - JULIANA OTTOMANO

2.0, 2016
Acrylic and pen
Location: 1st Floor

Juliana Ottomano, 2.0

Class of 2019 - RACHEL GETZ

Library Abstract, 2016
Location: First Stop Office, 2nd Floor

Rachel Getz, Library Abstract


Logic, 2017
Paper and glue on canvas
Location: 2nd Floor

Suzannah Banister, Logic


Diatom, 2018
Wood block print
Location: 1st Floor Commons

Caitlin Eversmier, Diatom