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Get Ready for College: Study Skills

How is studying different in College?

  • Schedule your study time
  • Prioritize tasks and make a plan for the future
  • Find the best place for you to study

Study tips

  • Read and re-read your syllabus
  • Make flashcards
  • Review your note regularly
  • Test yourself, make up your own questions!

Notetaking tips

  • Sit where you can see the board and hear the professor
  • Write legibly
  • Do not try to capture every single word
  • Review your notes directly after class and add in anything else that seems important.
  • Underline or highlight key words and concepts. Write your thoughts and questions in the margins while you are reading. 

Time management

Ask yourself -- What is the best use of my time?

  • At the start of the semester, create a schedule when all assignments for all classes are due.
  • Schedule in blocks of study time as well as blocks of time for fun and breaks.
  • Make a daily "to-do" list
  • Break bigger projects down into manageable chunks.

What if I need more help?

  • Talk to your professor, the earlier the better
  • Find out if tutors are available
  • Go see a librarian or visit the Writing Center
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