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Get Ready for College: Choosing the Right College

This guide will contain resources to help you get ready for college.

Choosing the Right College

Start out by making a list of your top priorities.


School Size and Type

What do you want to study?



Choose schools and apply!

  • Apply to some reach schools, some schools you feel confident you will get into, and some that you know you will get into. This will give you options when it comes time to decide.



Starting early can help narrow down your choices!

Common Mistakes when Choosing a College

  • What you think your major will be is not always what your major ends up being.
  • Do not pick on the reputation of the college alone. Use your own ranking system to find out what is important to you.
  • Choosing based on whether or not it's a party school can be a mistake.
  • Rushing the decision. Take time to do your research, visit and find out all you can before committing.
  • Don't let the cost of tuition scare you. Schools often have significant financial aid packages that they offer to students.
  • Letting someone else choose for you: whether it is a significant other, a friend or even a parent!

Tools for Choosing Colleges

The Campus Visit

  • Talk to your high school counselor and see if they do group tours to any colleges
  • Find the College's Admissions page and look for information about Campus Tours and Information Sessions. Schedule a visit!

What usually happens

  • Visits may include a tour, informational session, the chance to observe a class or even stay overnight. 
  • Make sure to ask what opportunities are available and take advantage of them.
  • On the tour you should see the main parts of campus, a classroom and a dorm. This should give you an idea of what life is like at the college.

Make sure to give yourself some extra time to look around the campus on your own. Asking students you see on campus questions can be helpful in gathering information.

  • Experience the campus and see if real life matches up to their website and brochures.
  • Ask questions!
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