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Electronic Books

eBook Readers

There are numerous dedicated devices for reading eBooks. The most popular include:

Amazon Kindle Uses proprietary format = can only buy/read ebooks from Amazon; E-Ink screen looks more like paper; Wireless capabilities for instant downloads.  Can be used with Overdrive eBooks through your public library.
Sony Reader Can handle numerous formats, including ePub & PDF; Can be used to write notes & listen to audio. Sony Reader support has been discontinued as of March, 2014 and accounts transferred to Kobo eReader.
Barnes & Noble Nook (and Nook Color) E-Ink display looks more like paper; Wireless download capability; Supports multiple file types, including ePub & PDF.
Kobo eReader Comes preloaded with 100 free eBooks; Wireless capabilities; ability to change font styles & sizes.
iPad (and iPad 2) Apps are available to turn your iPad into an eBook reader.
iPhone Apps are available to turn your iPhone into a mini eBook reader.

Need more info?  See eBook Reader Product Comparisons (TopTenReviews)

There is always the option to just download eBooks and read them on your desktop or laptop computer. Calibre is an eBook application for PCs that will also help with managing eBooks on eReader devices.


eBook Borrowing Tools