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Library Policies: Lower (L) Floor Silent Study Policy

L Floor Policy

The Library is a center for research and study on campus and as such it is our goal to accommodate different and sometimes competing needs from our community. In an effort to provide an area in the library conducive to focused study, we are designating a floor where individual study can occur in silence. It is our hope that in creating a silent study floor we will address recurring requests for such an area.  We ask that you consider the purpose of your visit to the library and choose the appropriate area to utilize.  We encourage students to engage in group discussions on other floors of the library and avoid conversations on the L floor.

What does this mean?

Help to Create a Silent Study Environment on the Lower Floor:

  • All conversations must be brief and in low tones; longer conversations should be moved elsewhere. All library patrons should pay special attention to those around them and avoid anything other than a very short disturbance.
  • Be considerate of those around you.  If someone asks you to be quiet, please comply or move to another floor.
  • Cell phones should be set to vibrate. Cell phone conversations must move to the stairwell immediately.
  • Study room users on the lower floor should remember that these rooms are not soundproof; please keep the study room door closed, and groups entering and leaving lower floor study rooms should keep disruption to a minimum as they enter and exit the floor.

We ask that patrons be self-policing of the silent study policy; if you are being disturbed, remind the person that the L floor is intended for silent study.  Often reminding loud groups or individuals is enough to have them quiet down or move to another floor.  If this does not resolve the problem, contact a library staff member at the Reference or Circulation service desk.  If disruptions are occurring, Campus Safety may be called and the offending person may be asked to leave.

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