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RSM 550 - Introduction to Research Methodology: Scholarly Articles

Scholarly vs. Popular

What is a scholarly publication?

A scholarly publication is a collection of articles that is usually published by a professional association such as the American Sociological Association.

What is meant by a peer reviewed or refereed journal?

Journals that are peer reviewed or refereed are those that have been submitted to, and approved by a field of experts or an editorial board in a particular discipline.

How can I tell if an article is peer reviewed?

One of the best ways to ensure your article is peer reviewed is to limit your search to only peer-reviewed articles. Usually, most databases provide a box you can click that will limit your search results to ONLY peer-reviewed journal articles.

Ebsco also maintains title lists for their major databases that indicate which titles are peer-reviewed. These lists are here: 

What is the purpose of a scholarly journal?

The purpose of a scholarly journal is to make available to the scholarly community original research and experimentation findings.

Who authors scholarly research?

Researchers, scholars and those who are considered experts in their field.

What do scholarly journals contain?

Scholarly journals contain articles written by researchers or experts in a particular field. They usually contain original research and results and methods of experimentation. An extensive bibliography is found at the end of each article and sometimes footnotes at the end of each page.

What is an abstract of an article?

An abstract is a short summary of an article that precedes the main article.

Examples of scholarly journals: Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy ; Journal of Economic History ; Alcoholism Treatment Quarterly ; Modern Fiction Studies

What is a popular publication/magazine?

A popular publication is one that covers current events, general interest topics, and news stories.

What is the purpose of a popular publication/magazine?

The purpose of a popular magazine is to entertain or inform readers about general interest topics.

Who authors articles in popular publications/magazines?

Authors are usually journalists, popular authors or students.

Are popular publications acceptable when writing papers for college or graduate school?

Not usually. Most professors expect students to use scholarly journals when writing research papers.

Examples of popular publications: People ; Time ; Newsweek ; Sports Illustrated

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