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RSM 550 - Introduction to Research Methodology: Finding Books & E-Books

Finding Books

Find Books & DVDs:

A good way to begin is by searching the library catalog for books, CDs, and DVD's. You can open the library catalog from the Hoover Library homepage or you can type your search into the search bar above.

You can also browse the shelves. You can find the books you are looking for by locating the tag on the end of each book shelf that indicates the number range of the books on that shelf:

Education Books in the Stacks

Education books are generally found in the following call number ranges:

  • 370 Education
  • 371 Schools and their activities; special education
  • 372 Elementary education
  • 373 Secondary education
  • 374 Adult education
  • 375 Curricula
  • 378 Higher education
  • 379 Public policies issues in education
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