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IACUC Resources

This is a resource for animal researchers completing an alternatives search for an IACUC protocol. 

More information about the McDaniel IACUC can be found on the portal: 

If you need assistance in formulating an effective search, consult with the library!

Searching for animal alternatives is typically guided by the "3 R's":

  • Reduction - Minimize the number of animals used to smallest number needed to obtain statistically relevant results.
  • Refinement - Use techniques that reduce the incidence or severity of pain and/or distress in animals.
  • Replacement - Substitution of non-animal methods or material or a lower species that may be less sensitive to pain and distress.

Use the tabs in the left column to navigate to information on

  • determining keywords and terminology to search
  • developing appropriate search strategies
  • determining core and alternative databases to search
  • writing the literature review and lay summary sections of the protocol

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