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U.S. Presidential Library: The Electoral College

As another presidential election draws near, HeinOnline has expanded its U.S. Presidential Library to include a new subcollection dedicated entirely to the Electoral College. The new content available with this addition can now be accessed within your HeinOnline trial.

With this subcollection, users can locate material that explains how the Electoral College works, discusses the history of its formation, analyzes the debate around the College's efficiency, and provides an overview of efforts to reform and even abolish the Electoral College altogether. Relevant hearings, committee prints, Congressional Research Service (CRS) and Government Accountability Office (GAO) reports are paired with books, treatises, and more, providing users with as thorough as possible an understanding of this fundamental component of American democracy.

Exploring the New Subsection

Navigate to this new material by first entering the U.S. Presidential Library. Select the Electoral College subcollection tab, and browse the list of documents available using the A-Z anchor. 

To search only the documents in this subcollection, perform an Advanced Search within the U.S. Presidential Library. Enter a desired keyword and select "Electoral College" under the document type. 

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