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McDaniel Votes: Voting & Election Questions Answered

Questions About Voting & Elections?

A team of faculty and staff are taking questions from all members of the McDaniel Community through a questionnaire and will be posting the answers daily in the campus announcements 10/26 through 11/3. 

We will save the videos here for additional ease of access.

Have a question? Fill out the quick questionnaire here

Question #1

What to do if you requested a mail-in ballot and didn't receive it in time

Question #2

What is voter intimidation, and what should I do if I experience it or see it happening to someone else at the polls?

Question #3

If the US got rid of the Electoral College and moved to a national popular vote, would Maryland get more campaign attention?

Question $4

In what ways might the Supreme Court influence the election?

An Election Day Message

Dr. Bryn Upton of the History Department has this important message to share about the importance of voting, the historic nature of this election, and why we shouldn’t expect a final count of the votes by the end of tonight.
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