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Faculty Services: Scopus Author Identifier

Scopus Author Identifier

Scopus Author Identifier (operated by the publisher Elsevier) distinguishes between authors by assigning each author in the Scopus database a unique number and grouping together all of the documents written by that author.

With Scopus Author Identifier you can:

  • manage your publication profile;
  • track your citations over time with Citation Overview/Tracker;
  • view your h-index;
  • analyse your publishing output with Author Evaluator;
  • identify collaborators or subject experts with Author Identifier.

If you have published an article in a journal that is indexed by Scopus, then Scopus will have already automatically assigned you a Scopus Author Identifier. As publications are attributed automatically, there may be errors or more than one identifier for you: it is important to check your profile and request corrections as Scopus is used for author attribution in the SciVal database and for other research publications analysis, for example, for league table analysis.

These guides and video tutorial will help you learn more about managing your Scopus Author Identifier:

These wizards will help you manage your publications and your research identity:

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