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Government Documents: Education Dept.

Education Department Documents

ED 1.1/5: Financial Management Status Report and 5-Year Plan Annual Microform
ED 1.109: The Condition of Education   Print
ED 1.111/4: Directory of Postsecondary Institutions Annual Print
ED 1.111: Education Directory:  Colleges and Universities Annual Microform
ED 1.114: Bibliographies and Lists of Publications   Print
ED 1.121/3: College Costs, Basic Student Charges, 2-Year and 4-Year Institutions Annual Print
ED 1.123: Participation in Adult Education and Lifelong Learning Triennial Print
ED 1.130: Directories   Microform
ED 1.140: Digest of Education Statistics Annual Print
ED 1.154: Forms   Print
ED 1.17: Bibliographies and Lists of Publications   Print
ED 1.2/15: Braille Publications   Print
ED 1.209/2: Catalog of Captioned General Interest Videos and Films   Microform
ED 1.209/2-2: Catalog of Captioned Educational Films/Videos (annual) Annual Microform
ED 1.209: Bibliographies and Lists of Publications   Print
ED 1.215/2: Disability Statistics Report (series)   Print
ED 1.215/3: Disability Forum Report (series)   Print
ED 1.23/10: FIPSE, European Union: United States Program for Cooperation in Higher Education and Training Annual Print
ED 1.23/11: FIPSE, Disseminating Proven Reforms   Print
ED 1.23/2: FIPSE, Application for Grants Under the Comprehensive Program, (fiscal year)   Print
ED 1.23: FIPSE (publications) (rev. 1965)   Print
ED 1.317: Bibliographies and Lists of Publications   Print
ED 1.322/2: Issue Brief (series)   Print
ED 1.322: Research in Brief   Print
ED 1.324: Request for Proposal   Print
ED 1.328/10: Technical/Methodology Report (series)   Print
ED 1.328/4: Statistics in Brief (series)   Print
ED 1.328/7: Technical Report (series)   Print
ED 1.328/9: Methodology Report (series)   Microform
ED 1.332: Schools and Staffing Survey   CD-ROM
ED 1.335/2: Focus on NAEP   Print
ED 1.335: NAEPfacts   Print
ED 1.338: Library Career Training Program, Abstracts of Funded Projects Title 2-B Annual Microform
ED 1.348/2: A SERVE Special Report (various topics)   Print
ED 1.38: Accredited Postsecondary Institutions and Programs   Print
ED 1.42: Higher Education Opportunities for Minorities and Women, Annotated Selection Annual Microform
ED 1.75: Announcements Irregular Print
ED 1.76/2-3: SSIG and SG (series)   Microform
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